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The Black Rhapsody
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Seriously though, oh  my god...

Sam and Adam: Be glad this isn't the drumset for Rock Band.

California Bans Gay Marriage

What the hell...

In other news, my Renaissance/Reformation professor starts today by saying that there was the election yesterday and he'll let us talk about that for a little bit. The only guy that spoke asked why the poor people of the Southeast chose to vote Republican. I guess for some reason he didn't think to look up the ideas of the Republican party before he asked, but okay. I mention that a lot of people vote what their parents vote because, well, they were raised by their parents to have the same ideas as them. Another chick voices up and says that they probably didn't like Obama's socialism plans (her words, not mine), you know, spread the wealth--that's socialism.

I shit you not, this guy says, "But that's what America was built on. Spreading the wealth."
This chick from across the room practically screams "Oh my god! No...." Everyone else just kindof gave him this odd look.

I stifled my laugh because I was sitting fairly close to the guy, but I did find it quite hilarious.

So my character got stuck in the most amazing animation today that I had to take a screenshot of it and use it for a new userpic.

This video is retarrrrrded. It's Through the Fire and Flames on CO-OP mode, both expert. If you get bored of watching them annihilate their guitars, watch how quickly they regain their 4x multiplier when they lose it.

Oh, and around 5 minutes, the roommate starts going fucking crazy with the BF2 thing. It's hilarious.

Ha, ha, ha. I know hirigana.

Whitney sent me this link and I am thoroughly amused.


As the link suggests, a freestyle rap battle translated into proper English. Mucho lol-o.

EA - 1, Me - 1

I get through to the automated selection menu and after a minute of irritating woman voice, she tells me I should press 5 to get to customer support. I get an ANSWERING MACHINE. As in leave your fucking message after the god-damned tone. Fuck that. I call back and hit up the operator. The operator asked me where she could direct my call. I said "Yes, I was looking for the customer service department. Is there a place that isn't an answering machine or should I call back at a different time?" She didn't even let me finish my sentence... After I said customer service department, there was hold music.... What a bitch.e

Ready, fight! --Battle Music Plays--
EA: "Hello, EA Customer Support. My name is somethingidontremember, how may I help you?"
Me: "Hi. I previously ordered the Warhammer Online Collector's Edition and I never received the beta codes that were supposed to come with the package via e-mail. Is there something I missed?"
EA: "Alright, when did you order the game?"
Me: "About two months ago...I can check." --quick jump to gmail-- "Yeah, July 17th." 
EA: "Okay, do you happen to know the order number?"
Me: "Yeah, it's here. 7365067300."
EA: "Alright, may I have your e-mail address?"
Me: "blackrhap@gmail.com"
EA: "Alright, well there's a guy who does our beta codes, and I'll send over the information and he should have a beta code to you within a day or two."
Me: "Okay...uh, thanks."
EA: "You're welcome. Have a nice day."
Me: "You too..."
--Victory Music Plays--

Not only did I get what I wanted from the bastards at EA, the conversation only lasted like 5 minutes and the dude was nice. Something is wrong here. I think I'm gonna end up getting a beta code for FIFA '10 or something... Well, we'll see.

EDIT: HOLY FUCK ME. After posting this, I check my e-mail. The fuckers are already there... wow.

EDIT2: LMAO, they gave me 3 codes. Beta access, Head Start code, and Bonus item code. The last two worked, the actual beta code didn't. With any luck, it won't take days to get a reply. I did get what I REALLY wanted though, the head start. Beta can fuck itself if I have at least that. 

I am NEVER buying straight from EA ever again.

The Open Beta has been out for two days now and I still have not received a code to get into the game. Well, of course I attempt at e-mailing them to find out why. Naturally, I had to scavenge the site for a half hour to figure out how to do that. I received an e-mail early the next day (today) with a generic response asking me for my order information. Immediate reply, still waiting. I'm sure I'll get one tomorrow...hopefully.

The option was given to me to cancel my preorder from EA and get the normal version from a different source. Naturally, there is no way to cancel your preorder online, and on top of the constant coding malfunctions from their website, the FAQ source that says "How do I cancel my order?" tells me that I am capable of canceling my order. Literally, not how, but that I can. Thanks, fuckers.

So I come to the conclusion that I'm going to have to call. In true EA style, is there a page displaying their Customer Service phone number? Hell no. After a bit of googling, I found others with a similar Fuck-EA problem. The guy I got the phone number from had to use online 411 services and wikipedia to get the goddam phone number. He posted it for the benefit of all mankind.

Call: Answering machine, which isn't uncommon at this time of day. Their phone lines are open for 9 hours out of the day. For a MAJOR game company's hidden phone lines to be open so little? Greaaaat. So tomorrow I shall call them, but I thought of something else. They might claim that I cannot cancel my preorder because of the beta codes that come with the preorder (which is the whole fucking point). I'm glad I have experience on the other end of the phone, because I feel I have an edge on getting what I want. I can stay on the phone allllll day to get either my beta codes or my preorder cancelled.

So let this be a lesson to you. If you wanted a preorder that everyone is out of except for EA themselves...concede defeat and go on with your life.

This game is unwholesome, offensive, and oddly addictive, although not for the reasons one might first expect.  The gameplay is awesome, the music is great, and the entire thing is fucking hilarious. Go, my friends, and play Cunt.

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